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Simmi Cheema

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Simmi Cheema

Simmi was born in Punjab, but as an “Army Brat”, moved frequently and lived in many parts of India where she learned to speak Punjabi, Hindi and English. Simmi’s career as a performer began at age 11, when she played the starring role in “Snow White and the 7 Dwarves”. An accomplished sitar player and vocalist, Simmi’s education was focused on the Fine Arts, for which she won scholarships.

Simmi loves adventure and traveled extensively before falling in love with BC and moving to Canada. Her broadcasting career took off after voicing numerous commercials at Radio Rim Jhim and in 1995, she began hosting her own programs after which her distinctive style and melodic voice immediately won listeners over. Simmi is also a part-time support worker for women and children’s services.

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